Distributed Web of Care

Announcing Summer 2018 Fellows

The Distributed Web of Care team is excited to announce two fellows for Summer 2018. We are thankful to everyone who applied to the fellowship. We look forward to engaging with the community via public programs in NYC this July.

Design & Storytelling Fellow

cleo (yuekai) miao is a Chinese artist currently based in boston, MA. She is an anti-disciplinary media artist and works to make sense of identities and bodies in virtual spaces. She plays with both the poetics and the absurdity of digital tools and culture, and considers the reality that is configured and mediated by images. Through playful investigation, cleo questions and spectates the role and affect of photographic images and mediums. Having grown up with the Chinese Internet, she is passionate about new possibilities of freedom and democracy offered by technology. However, at the same time she is wary of the systematic and algorithmic oppression and violence supported by unethical or inconsiderate technological infrastructures.

Technology & Documentation Fellow

Callil Capuozzo is a designer at General Trademark, an educator at the School of Visual Arts and a researcher at New Computer Working Group. He is interested in building creative tools through collaboration with artists, scientists and engineers.

We are planning to offer skillshares in July in partnership with the Ace Hotel New York, July 1, July 8, July 15, and July 22. We will announce details about workshops and events via Taeyoon Choi’s mailing list.

We look forward to working with a diverse group of stewards. Stewards are guest collaborators, contributing to DWC initiatives with their domain expertise. Stewards are often invited to present at DWC events and to contribute to building the code base as well as code of conduct. In this volunteer role, stewards will lead their own projects utilizing access to technical resources and collaboration with the fellows and with Taeyoon directly. You can apply to become a steward on an ongoing basis.

An open call for Winter 2018 fellowship will be announced in August.

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Distributed Web of Care is an initiative to code to care and code carefully.

The project imagines the future of the internet and consider what care means for a technologically-oriented future. The project focuses on personhood in relation to accessibility, identity, and the environment, with the intention of creating a distributed future that’s built with trust and care, where diverse communities are prioritized and supported.

The project is composed of collaborations, educational resources, skillshares, an editorial platform, and performance. Announcements and documentation are hosted on this site, as well as essays by select artists, technologists, and activists.

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