Distributed Web of Care

DWC Merchandise: Care Shirt & Hoodie

Care shirts and hoodies are fundraising for The Distributed Web of Care. All sales profit made through purchased merchandise will go directly towards supporting the Distributed Web of Care initiative and fellowship. The project explores Distributed Web as a peer-to-peer alternative web that prioritizes collective agency and individual ownership of data and code. The project asks us to unlearn the assumption that technological innovation and automation is an inherent good, asking instead how we can code to care and code carefully.

Care shirt is $35 plus shipping

Care hoodie is $70 plus shipping.

Care shirt and hoodie is available as a package for $100 plus shipping.

Pre-sale between May 1 to June 31st, 2018. Shipping begins mid July, 2018. For more information on size and to purchase, please visit Taeyoon Workshop Shop. The products will ship worldwide.

Model Tiri Kananuruk is a performance artist and programmer.

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Distributed Web of Care is an initiative to code to care and code carefully.

The project imagines the future of the internet and consider what care means for a technologically-oriented future. The project focuses on personhood in relation to accessibility, identity, and the environment, with the intention of creating a distributed future that’s built with trust and care, where diverse communities are prioritized and supported.

The project is composed of collaborations, educational resources, skillshares, an editorial platform, and performance. Announcements and documentation are hosted on this site, as well as essays by select artists, technologists, and activists.

Distributed on Dat and GitHub.